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Images- don't forget to click on images to see larger version


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1- 71-73 complete with cover and both lead fuses

leadfuse.jpg (39778 bytes)

1 - $95
2 - block with fuse 2 - $65
3 - block no fuse 3 - $45
4 - cover REPU with fuse 4 - $75
5 - 25 amp lead fuse  5 - $25
6 - 50 amp lead fuse 6 - $25

Cold start assist parts

Sub-Zero start

Rare Factory Brake sliders and clips

Brakesliders.jpg (69937 bytes)

#1 - RX2  
#2 - REPU/Cosmo/RX4  
#3 - RX2 early  
#4 - spring clips all  
Control boxes

CBoxes.jpg (123061 bytes)

starting at 65  
Motor Mounts

motormounts.jpg (181337 bytes)

4 pair medium RX2 RX3 RX7 each  
1 large - REPU Cosmo  
Tool Bag - 4 Available

3781bag.jpg (150131 bytes)

Ignition resistors Factory Mazda New

resistors.jpg (91438 bytes) resistors2.jpg (78517 bytes)

$15 Each
1757 24 314 Point set

175724314.jpg (81052 bytes)

 NLA from Mazda

1757 24 322 condenser

175724322.jpg (64690 bytes)



RX2  616

Fuel Sender 0839-67-170

2 available

rx3bsg.jpg (138648 bytes)

2 Pair front signal lenses


rx2frontlens.jpg (139950 bytes)  
Fuse block with cover - 2

pictured on left of image 

rx2rx3fuse.jpg (180205 bytes) rxfuseblocks.jpg (183084 bytes)    
Gauges RX2   616

 Gen, Water, Fuel - separate

rx2gauges-2.jpg (91472 bytes)    
Clocks RX2 only

2 left

Three ,work-still recommend they be taken apart, cleaned and lubed

eby_0119.jpg (155605 bytes)


Front seat left White  good condition - no rust    
Front seat left


 RX3 -  Interior -  808




Images- don't forget to click on images to see larger version


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Hood release

rx3hoodrelease.jpg (134462 bytes)

Door locks

All ignitions with keys & trunk lock sold

locks_02.JPG (428824 bytes)


Tachometer, circuit board and housing - TESTED GOOD




Rear hatch latch and door guides

No Rust



Interior rear hatch trim for

RX3/808 wagon

Clarion radios early vintage


1971/1973 RX3/808

Emergency brake handle - chassis mount - wiring

out of a 73 Wagon


Automatic shifter handles

1 - 71/73 2375-46-030

1 - 79/83 RX7 & GLC Hatchback

No Longer Available New



email with offer

Rear console lamp assembly

RX3 - 808

email with offer  
ball shifter, hard plastic RX3    
Miscellaneous Interior trim Damaged A pillar

door sill 1 front

door sill both rear  

4 Door

Seat Rails- controls

hinges starting at $45 -NO RUST-

earlyseatrails.jpg (200186 bytes) 1 - Left side out hinge /RX7 - SA can be used for RX3/808 25
2 - left side seat control RX3  
3 - left side seat control ? Cosmo?  
4 - left side seat control 78/80 RX7  
5 - left side seat control 83/85 RX7  
Left seat rails RX3 808 rx2seatrails-1.jpg (69497 bytes) rx2seatrails-2.jpg (65519 bytes) excellent condition  144.95 
Rear Seat - Station Wagon 

no rust 

small rips in top

rx3rseat-1.jpg (24928 bytes) rx3rseat-2.jpg (133117 bytes) rx3rseat-5.jpg (63237 bytes)   rx3rseat-4.jpg (77319 bytes)dsc02648.jpg (33153 bytes) dsc02649.jpg (28434 bytes)

  EMAIL or Call

Oversize shipping rates apply

1-Throttle Choke cable assembly

3-reman #1 control box


5-Left outer seat hinge

img0004.jpg (79374 bytes) click on picture to enlarge  
Rear view mirror interior right in picture->      
RX3 fuse blocks and covers -  right of image rx2rx3fuse.jpg (180205 bytes) 2 - RX3 fuse blocks with covers   
2 - RX3 fuse covers only


Dash Unit Bare RX3 808 rx3dashbare-1.jpg (224280 bytes)rx3dashbare-2.jpg (227958 bytes)    
Wire loom protectors rx3loomprotectors.jpg (80888 bytes)    
Blower motor with fan


rx3blowerfan.jpg (66292 bytes)    
Blower motor assembly 

TESTED GOOD Resistor good

rx3blower-1.jpg (55068 bytes)rx3blower-2.jpg (151539 bytes)rx3blower-3.jpg (60323 bytes)    
RX3 Dash Unit - Glove Box 

Right side USA

Image coming Good condition  came in same car as Dash unit shown below.    
RX3 Dash Unit 

No Gauges 

Plastic frame Left USA

rx3dashhousingleftus-1.jpg (77790 bytes)rx3dashhousingleftus-2.jpg (75612 bytes)

rx3dashhousingleftus-3.jpg (47315 bytes)rx3dashhousingleftus-4.jpg (113684 bytes)


RX3 Dash unit pad 

Left USA


rx3dashtrimusleft-2.jpg (96247 bytes)rx3dashtrimusleft-4.jpg (124172 bytes)


  eby_0135.jpg (99802 bytes) Everything packed LESS GAUGE POD    
Dash Unit R100? 

Misc dash screws rx3hardware.jpg (42946 bytes)      
Brake/Fuel line chassis retainers with bolts  tubingholds.jpg (648387 bytes) $75
Pedal assembly speed 

No rust

cosmopedalset-1.jpg (129729 bytes)cosmopedalset-2.jpg (95771 bytes)cosmopedalset-3.jpg (72865 bytes)

cosmopedalset-4.jpg (61050 bytes)cosmopedalset-5.jpg (153685 bytes)cosmopedalset-6.jpg (89373 bytes)

OMG handles 

Only 2 available 

Excellent complete with original mounting screws

rx3omghandles-1.jpg (134899 bytes) rx3omghandles-2.jpg (82024 bytes) rx3omghandles-3.jpg (102260 bytes) see above
  Don't forget to click on images to enlarge    
RX3ID  misc interior - this is all that is left

  rx3visors-1.jpg (177951 bytes)   rx3visors-2.jpg (171561 bytes)

click on image to see reference #'s      (?) email inquire to confrm fit/application


Misc parts  RX3HP

click on image to see reference #'s      (?) email inquire to confrm fit/application


Early combo switches


Exterior Trim  RX3-808


Quantity available

Images- don't forget to click on images to see larger version


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Station Wagon

Rocker mouldings Two both sides 

rx3rockerchrome-1.jpg (37222 bytes) rx3rockerchrome-2.jpg (38021 bytes) rx3rockerchrome-3.jpg (76838 bytes) rx3rockerchrome-4.jpg (66100 bytes) rx3rockerchrome-5.jpg (93037 bytes) rx3rockerchrome-6.jpg (104979 bytes)

Over length (42" limit) for USPS to Australia and New Zealand         UPS - $285


Front outer door handle Right side

2 or 4 door



2 available

rx3 door handle left-1.jpg (40660 bytes)

DSC01552_edited.JPG (56273 bytes)

see above

Door handle outer - Rear

0866-72-410A 0866-73-410A




see above


Mazda lights RX3 808 RX2 616 

 complete with as much original hardware I could save - all shown

rx23lights-1.jpg (108783 bytes)rx23lights-2.jpg (114825 bytes)


rx3Lites   -  Misc lights

#2 and #3 sold


rx23lights-3.jpg (35298 bytes)  rx23lights-4.jpg (101698 bytes)

Right rear running light red  

rx3runlite red-1.jpg (612580 bytes)rx3runlite red-2.jpg (616671 bytes)rx3runlite red-3.jpg (645035 bytes)

click on image to see referemce #'s      (?) email inquire to confrm fit/application



  Main Body

Body Door mechanicals

0ne each - RF, RR, LR  

 Door latches, no rust working 

Email for specific doors - 3 doors only


Rx3 2dr


Rear Quarter Glass

MVC-051F.JPG (15734 bytes)


Rx3 2 door


Door Glass  Right (2dr)

MVC-053F.JPG (15421 bytes)


Rx3 2 door


Door Glass Left (2dr)

MVC-052F.JPG (15808 bytes)


Rx3 4 door

Front right glass

 right rx3rfwindow.jpg (105954 bytes) front


Rx3 4 door

Right rear main glass only

rx3rrglasstrim.jpg (118636 bytes) Trim sold    

Rx3 4 door

left rear quarter glass only

rx3lrglasstrim.jpg (69683 bytes) Trim sold    

Rx3 4 door

right rear quarter glass

 rx3rrglasstrim.jpg (118636 bytes) Trim sold    
Rear door shells

No mechanicals 


rx3lrdoor-1-1.jpg (68134 bytes) rx3lrdoor-2.jpg (80350 bytes)   

rx3rrdoor-1-1.jpg (61473 bytes) rx3rrdoor-2.jpg (95587 bytes) 


36X42X10  35lb ship dimensions 

Oversize dimensional weight applies

Shipped as 90lb 

EMAIL for estimate

Chassis - Suspension - Steering - Exhaust

Part Number  




don't forget to click on images to enlarge 


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RX3/808 brake calipers

9 calipers and 8 mounting brackets.



brake caliper mounting brackets $225

Front sway bar bushings

used in IT car - one season use <1000miles

rx3bsg.jpg (138648 bytes)    
Emergency brake adjuster cable assembly rx3ecable1.jpg (138648 bytes)    
Rear differential housing

 Rotary- Wagon 1973 US spec VIN 104***

Drum to drum, springs, shocks and all mounting hardware

rx3rear.jpg (108535 bytes)  

 will need to be shipped on a pallet


Steering parts  Tie rods have ~1/4" compression, centerlink good, tie rod links not bent, idler arm

rx3steeringparts.jpg (92372 bytes)

Tie rods and links have been separated are being sold as individual items

  • tie rods  - 5 each
  • T/R links  - SOLD
  • centerlink - 75
  • Idler `arm - 55
Front engine mounts frontenginemounts-1.jpg (54343 bytes)frontenginemounts-2.jpg (69553 bytes) $75 each  
Clutch forks shiftforks-1.jpg (84167 bytes)shiftforks-2.jpg (60112 bytes) 9  
Lower control arms - good cleaned ready for bushings Three available $75 each  
Axle 25 inch/63cm rx3axle63cm.jpg (85230 bytes) $125   

 NEW  Never installed still in a bag of sorts 

 WHOA Look What I came across:   RX3 center steering link rx3centerlink.jpg (143392 bytes)

Was purchased as a spare for the IT car. Never needed it. 


NLA new from Mazda

   used centerlinks RX3 $75 each  
 transmission seems to shift rather nicely

  rx3motortrans.jpg (47330 bytes)   

Engine has been disassembled parts shown above  


Engine compartment and related




Images- don't forget to click on

images to see larger version


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# 1 water sensor


R100 RX2 RX3



Throw out bearing collar with spring

All Mazdas 68/73

mint condition no rust

this was shot on a mirror

Throw out bearing collar - not cleaned or prepped - surface rust

Water sensors #1 

1 green

6 red

Water sensors #2 (4) 

wtrsensors_1.jpg (103815 bytes)    
Carburetor insulators  carbinsulator_2.jpg (130171 bytes)    
PCV vent valves only two left 70spvc.jpg (74470 bytes)    

Factory Mazda

ACCEL PUMP 71/73166823361A.jpg (65539 bytes)

Last One - No longer available from mazda


 RX3 1971-1978  12A


Oil cooler Factory original 

oilcoolrRX3-1_edited.jpg (113649 bytes)

 oilcoolrRX3-3_edited.jpg (84197 bytes)

oilcoolrRX3-4_edited.jpg (59417 bytes)

click on images to enlarge

 Shipping weight - 20  lb 

RX2 RX3 71/73 Front cover with distributors caps rotors   

twindcover.jpg (70895 bytes)




Top mount starter

last one

Rx2 Thermal Reactor    
Rx3 Thermal Reactor    

rx3light-hardware.jpg (95990 bytes)

RX2/3 horns only no bracket rx3 horn-1.jpg (637620 bytes)rx3 horn-2.jpg (601189 bytes)    


Motors and associated

71/73  Twin distributor 12A    RX2   RX3 

No Longer Available New from Mazda
12A 71/73 Top Mount starter 

Matched factory steel low mile housings .005mm to .00mm wear

  hsgsmtr73std.jpg (103960 bytes)  Housings only $1200


Check rotor set on rotor page. Can supply everything. Eccentric shaft counter weight oil pump, gears, front end hardware and cover, pan, water pump housing. Complete motor ready to assemble. $1600
RARE 12A 71/72 Bottom Mount starter Automatic

Brand new Rear steel

 Rotor housings condition 10

Int/Frt steel .03 mm wear

  hsgsmtrall72auto.jpg (140636 bytes)  Housings only $1400 Housings To build an assembled motor - $4295

5 apex seals and springs USED

9.82 to 9.89mm



apex seal set of six for early 12A  -  6mm carbon

 0839-23-131 X 6

includes 6 new springs

Factory Mazda New - No Longer Available

apexseal083.jpg (95952 bytes)


includes springs



$26 each  
Rotors  All seals except apex seals      Seals spec new or less than 10% wear  - Matched set of rotors 73rotors02opt.jpg (283274 bytes) $500 
Eccentric shaft  rx3eshaft.jpg (149666 bytes) $125
Oil pickup strainer  rx3strainer.jpg (340915 bytes) $55
Don't forget to click images to enlarge
Thermal reactor shroud

condition 10 

Has been bead blasted and clear coated since these shots were taken

rx3exshroud-1.jpg (346080 bytes) rx3exshroud-2.jpg (352224 bytes) $105

Thermal reactor shrouds 

Can be brought to or near to 10 condition

Two- condition 8 $85 each
  one condition 6 $55




  Used housings    




USPS Parcel Post or UPS ground shipping internal USA- $45 each

Don't forget to click on images to see larger version

Most Housings will be hand lapped - Not shown in all images



New Rear Housing

 RX3 RX2 Automatic and bottom mount starter 


BRAND NEW Mazda Factory

rx3rhousingauto-1.jpg (279388 bytes) rx3rhousingauto-2.jpg (298833 bytes)

$425 $425 SOLD
70/73 Intermediate housing 

.03mm wear

rx3hsgint-1.jpg (293344 bytes) rx3hsgint-2.jpg (266803 bytes)

Accepting offers


 Front  Housing # .03mm rx3frthg03-1.jpg (307097 bytes)  rx3frthg03-5.jpg (384342 bytes) rx3frthg03-6.jpg (277266 bytes) rx3frthg03-7.jpg (315050 bytes)

Accepting offers



Front Housing 0 measurable wear


irx3frth00-1.jpg (278933 bytes) rx3frth00-2.jpg (325768 bytes) 

full disclosure - runner side has been machined, line bored

The intake port has not been changed. It can be used as is, and may not even be noticeable to some

I recall it was going to be a bridge port, it was a long time ago

the options to repair would be to fill with devcon and make new runner ports; install an insert.

$200 $200
Intermediate Housing 0 measurable wear rx3int00-1.jpg (312896 bytes) rx3int00-2.jpg (283798 bytes) $200


Thank you Max

Rear Housing 0 measurable wear

rx3rsteel002-1.jpg (249793 bytes)rx3rsteel002-2.jpg (254703 bytes)rx3rsteel002-3.jpg (362377 bytes)

full disclosure - runner side has been machined, line bored

The intake port has not been changed. It can be used as is, and may not even be noticeable to some

I recall it was going to be a bridge port, it was a long time ago

the options to repair would be to fill with devcon and make new runner ports; install an insert.

$200 $200
 Rotor Housing #23 rx3rtrh23-1.jpg (338607 bytes) rx3rtrh23-2.jpg (325791 bytes) rx3rtrh23-3.jpg (301200 bytes) rx3rtrh23-4.jpg (323498 bytes)    
Rotor Housing #5 rx3rtrh5-1.jpg (346421 bytes) rx3rtrh5-2.jpg (294562 bytes) rx3rtrh5-3.jpg (321859 bytes)    
Rotor Housing #1 rx3rhg1-1.jpg (336669 bytes) rx3rhg1-2.jpg (218802 bytes) rx3rhg1-3.jpg (248235 bytes)rx3rhg1-4.jpg (266218 bytes) rx3rhg1-5.jpg (273217 bytes)    
Rotor Housing #2 rx3rhg2-1.jpg (331907 bytes)rx3rhg2-2.jpg (231632 bytes) rx3rhg2-3.jpg (244645 bytes)rx3rhg2-4.jpg (279281 bytes)    
Rotor Housing #19 rx3 rthsg19-1.jpg (321258 bytes) rx3 rthsg19-2.jpg (325181 bytes) rx3 rthsg19-3.jpg (301177 bytes)    
 Rotor Housing #12 rx3rtrhsg12-1.jpg (248718 bytes) rx3rtrhsg12-2.jpg (229595 bytes) rx3rtrhsg12-3.jpg (234360 bytes) rx3rtrhsg12-4.jpg (337198 bytes) rx3rtrhsg12-5.jpg (232319 bytes) rx3rtrhsg12-6.jpg (329686 bytes)    
 Rotor Housing #14 rx3rtrhsg14-1.jpg (351607 bytes) rx3rtrhsg14-2.jpg (281682 bytes) rx3rtrhsg14-3.jpg (309422 bytes) rx3rtrhsg14-4.jpg (271251 bytes)    
 Rotor Housing #15 rx3rtrhsg15-1.jpg (334003 bytes) rx3rtrhsg15-2.jpg (308212 bytes) rx3rtrhsg15-3.jpg (302287 bytes) rx3rtrhsg15-4.jpg (282254 bytes) rx3rtrhsg15-5.jpg (182874 bytes)    
 Rotor Housing #17 rx3rtrhsg17-1.jpg (329483 bytes) rx3rtrhsg17-2.jpg (293110 bytes) rx3rtrhsg17-3.jpg (262014 bytes)    
 Rotor Housing #4 rx3rtrhsg4-1.jpg (329574 bytes) rx3rtrhsg4-2.jpg (264876 bytes) rx3rtrhsg4-3.jpg (281784 bytes)    
 Rotor Housing #6 rx3rtrhsg6-1.jpg (330304 bytes) rx3rtrhsg6-2.jpg (281806 bytes) rx3rtrhsg6-3.jpg (264739 bytes)    
 Rotor Housing #8 rx3rtrhsg8-1.jpg (332759 bytes) rx3rtrhsg8-2.jpg (319171 bytes) rx3rtrhsg8-3.jpg (279137 bytes)    
Rotor Housing


This one is a little special - port worked a little

rh12a71-6 (5).jpg (155663 bytes)

rh12a71-6 (4).jpg (148475 bytes)rh12a71-6 (3).jpg (103153 bytes)rh12a71-6 (1).jpg (192757 bytes)rh12a71-6 (2).jpg (221929 bytes)

rh12a71-6.jpg (158765 bytes)

74 - 76 12A Rotor Housings   

   1881-10-100A   thermal reactor motor  

A few new air injectors available afd
counter weights 25 g  




For information please post an e-mail attention: Rx2/Rx3 Parts 

Reasonable offers considered. Trades possible. email 

If you see any item you are interested in please email: sales@rotaryresponse.com with any parts requests, include mazda part number if possible 

***Prices subject to change without notice***


Standard shipping charges to be applied,

US Post Rates   UPS Rates   FedEx Rates

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