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 Parts can now be purchased online, using Secure PayPal shopping cart.  

Most of these parts are single only items.  

There are some New Old Stock items. 

Please keep checking back, listings being added all the time. 

List current as of: June 17, 2015

 If you see any item you are interested in please email: sales@rotaryresponse.com with any parts requests, include mazda part number. 

rtrbutton1a.gif (914 bytes)  Mazda Factory new shown on top of page rtrbutton1a.gif (914 bytes)

Most of the items on this page are

No Longer Available from Mazda or the original manufacturer unless noted otherwise


window regulator Right



Factory NIB NLA new from MAZDA $175


Window regulator left 


Factory NIB NLA new from MAZDA see above $175
RX4 626 Rear brake shoes NEW 

1011-26-038Z / 10Y1-26-38Z

Factory Mazda New brake shoes in Box $60.00
Wheel bearing kit


RX4, Cosmo,RePU, GSL-SE 

 Only 4 left!


Image not loaded, 

Mazda Factory new in box

NLA new from MAZDA

Each $84.06

$168.12 Pair




Remote mirror switches  3 available

Inspected tested Good

cosmoswitchs.jpg (184804 bytes) 35 each



45 bag with tools
Tool kit , tool kit bags cosmotoolkit.jpg (91982 bytes)

15 bag only


Fuse block cover  rx5fusecover.jpg (19077 bytes) $10
Mazda factory original Cosmo emblems  pins good  4 with clips


dsc00864_edited.jpg (58795 bytes) $35 each
Door handle right outer csmohandlrs.jpg (81288 bytes) $95
Door handle left  outer csmodsouthandle.jpg (37685 bytes) $95

Rat Nest

74/78 vintage

(Cosmo I believe)

  click images to enlarge    
Cosmo headlight bezels cosmolitetrim.JPG (85444 bytes) 65 pair  

Ignition lock with key - no switch 74/75

cosmoignitionlock.jpg (17273 bytes)    
Two matching number door locks set, no keys rx3_2_locks.jpg (6027 bytes)    
Matched Lock set with keys and ignition switch and gas door cosmolocks_0.jpg (146137 bytes)     
Miscellaneous Cosmo REPU    CosmoMisc.jpg (79958 bytes)    
1 Tool Bag    
4 gas door (RX3)    
5 door pull    
6 interior vent rubber    
9 side marker rear cover    
10 side marker gasket    
11 dome lens    
12 mazda badges    
13 Cosmo badges    
14 Side window trim  out    
15 Mirror switches   work     
16 window switches   work    
74-78 RX4 Differential RX4Diff_2opt.jpg (131314 bytes) RX4Diff_1opt.jpg (148039 bytes) $250  
74/78 REPU housings

Steel housings 

.02 to .03mm step wear 

 replacement limit is.10mm

Rotor housings condition 10

  hsgsmtr74repu.jpg (99050 bytes)  $1250.00  
 1 water temp sensors AKA 'choke switch'-both 

TB 69  70-OFF(red)  

TB 27  60-OFF(green)

num1watertemp.jpg (117183 bytes)  $21.95 each   
Air Control Valve 74/76 $95
Misc 74/78 Air-Control-Valves Salvage-Used working $25 to $85 each

by condition

  badgesall.JPG (1251805 bytes)    


Part number




Rear Glass1   $85 $85
Rear Quarter Glass  2  1 each side $35
Trim pieces, some      
interior trim.      

Serious inquiries only please                         Post an e-mail attention:Cosmo Parts

Rotary Engine Pick Up

      Here is the list of available parts as of: 17 June, 2015

Part Number





fuse cover only

fuseblocktruck.jpg (25916 bytes)    $45
REPU column cover complete 


   click on images to enlarge-



Signal lamp lens only Left  front    25
Complete original exhaust   1200 inquire


Inquiries e-mail attention: REPU Parts

Items now shown that can be bought through paypal will be limited to stock on hand. 

Other listed items or any available Mazda part may be ordered through email or phone

send requests to: sales@rotaryresponse.com most of the time

or call: 520 327 6404 -  Message any time 

Human present - Tues - Fri  8:30 to 5:00 Arizona Time (no technical on this phone)

 Visa MasterCard Discover orders accepted 

Standard shipping charges to be applied,

US Post Rates   UPS Rates   FedEx Rates

Rx for your 7
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Tucson, Arizona 85716

  "piston engine goes..."

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