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Special Projects page: IMSA widebody

production of  a Vintage GTO IMSA RX7 using a 19 81 MAZDA RX7 

Mazda IMSA vintage racer project?

SCCA/NASA E-Production - GT3 - GT2? 

Prototype H2/Solar hybrid race car?

 Looking for investor/partners

Car is always up for sale - will consider reasonable offers - email or call

Special Project update - IMSA widebody

Ultimate kit car

How about an FB platform with a FD Drivetrain

It could be a 2150lb 50/50 car

capable of

450bhp and still pass emission standards

Package includes:

81 Lightened Chassis and Mariah body kit

1994 FD3S/S6 Driveline complete as shown included rear suspension

Low mile flow ported intake and motor ready to install

Bonez downpipe; Mazda factory main cat; PFS silencer

PFS cool air box and Intercooler package

plus boxes of stuff

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The car: 1981 RX7 base model

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as it came in the shop

  • no motor

  • transmission, condition unknown

  • Clean papers, dismantle permit

  • Mariah GTU nose, Mode 1 rear fenders, GTO Whale tail spoiler 

  • 15 inch WELD racing wheels -- two 9" two 10" wide - 4x110

  • Upgraded springs, shocks unknown

  • no rust, no accident

  • big bar, rear bar  was stolen

  • exhaust , generic

The plan/s: to build up to-

IMSA Vintage GTO Racer 

SCCA/NASA E-Production, GT3, GT2  

Killer street machine 

or a Smooth sliding drifter  

These cars dominated IMSA for 12 years!   So Vintage Racer is top on list

Starting the clean and prep for restoration - recondition for race

Price will go up as work is done 

$2250.00 as it sits now   01/26/2010

Will install full profession built weld-in 6 point cage for $1200

have nascar style aluminum seat or gel coat glass seat

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Work begins

mariah-06.jpg (57689 bytes)mariah-07.jpg (48744 bytes)mariah-08.jpg (60037 bytes) 

mariah-12.jpg (51175 bytes)mariah-15.jpg (65772 bytes)mariah-13.jpg (60127 bytes)

mariah-09.jpg (90930 bytes)mariah-10.jpg (107504 bytes)mariah-11.jpg (54702 bytes)mariah-17.jpg (54293 bytes)

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mariah-20.jpg (102756 bytes)mariah-21.jpg (80080 bytes)mariah-22.jpg (92461 bytes)mariah-23.jpg (85322 bytes)

End of first day of cleanup 5.25 hours in

Day 2 of work  4.75 hours

mariah10apr-01.jpg (62751 bytes)mariah10apr-02.jpg (61756 bytes) mariah10apr-18.jpg (82325 bytes)

MVC-465Fopt.jpg (64330 bytes) <-This could drop right in here -> mariah10apr-03.jpg (567225 bytes)

mariah10apr-05.jpg (39501 bytes)mariah10apr-06.jpg (50602 bytes)mariah10apr-10.jpg (42357 bytes)

mariah10apr-08.jpg (68665 bytes)mariah10apr-09.jpg (44052 bytes)mariah10apr-11.jpg (76452 bytes)mariah10apr-12.jpg (60999 bytes)

mariah10apr-13.jpg (82763 bytes)mariah10apr-14.jpg (92623 bytes)mariah10apr-15.jpg (69118 bytes)mariah10apr-16.jpg (84225 bytes)mariah10apr-17.jpg (33789 bytes)

 mariah10apr-20.jpg (73736 bytes)mariah10apr-22.jpg (83230 bytes)mariah10apr-23.jpg (67291 bytes)mariah10apr-24.jpg (64349 bytes)mariah10apr-26.jpg (82649 bytes)mariah10apr-27.jpg (67399 bytes) 

mariah10apr-28.jpg (88395 bytes)mariah10apr-29.jpg (40695 bytes)mariah10apr-30.jpg (40694 bytes)

3rd day -

mariah417_-01.jpg (324867 bytes)mariah417_-02.jpg (309749 bytes)mariah417_-03.jpg (336076 bytes) boy this stuff is a bear

4th and 5th day of work -  12hr mark past  

Cleans up really nice. 

mariah601__21opt.jpg (103062 bytes)mariah601__23opt.jpg (158068 bytes)mariah601__25opt.jpg (97589 bytes)mariah601__26opt.jpg (133219 bytes)mariah601__28opt.jpg (132341 bytes)

6th day of work - another couple of hours all of the insulation material is removed from the passenger compartment and intermediate compartment. About 1/4 of it chipped off the rear tire compartment. Close to 30lb so far. 

Anyone have a fuel cell that would work? Will trade. email Have Fuel Cell, Will Trade


mariah417_-04.jpg (74295 bytes) The gsl disc rear will be installed, it is correct for 1981 vintage

mariah417_-08.jpg (101466 bytes)mariah417_-09.jpg (94151 bytes)

to be sold mariah417_-10.jpg (79888 bytes)     mariah417_-07.jpg (39496 bytes) to be tossed

Email: sales@rotaryresponse.com subject Mariah for more information

 If you are interested in a turn-key race car please email.




Individual components Total tub 1037lb  with steer gear, 3rd member, windscreen, rear quarters  
  • headlights/motors         22 

  •  wipermotor                 07 

  •  brakes/clutch-masters 13

  • Nose                           42

  • Hood                          35

  • trans                           78  

  • doors                        116  

  • driveshaft                    12  

  • disc-rear                   135   

  • wiring                          23  

  • pedals                         11

  • misc:rugs,insulation,etc 85

LF 232lb


RF 197lb

LR 292lb


RR 315lb


Looking for fire system - all race apps

Looking for Fuel cell - all race apps

Looking for 48IDA with manifold - GT2,GT3,Vintage

Looking for complete GSL-SE suspension and brakes - EProd

Looking for complete GSL-SE rear 3rd member - EProd

keep watching

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Any interest in an 81 GS as a kit car, vehicle can be purchased during prep or as turn key ready to go

Estimate of finished SCCA E-Production or Vintage IMSA RX7 - $34,000.00

  Email or call if interested